Health and Safety Officer

REF. 1653
Health & Safety
Occupational Health
Full Time

The aim of the Health and Safety Officer is to render support in the management of occupational health and safety within the organisation. The overall scope shall be that of preventing unsafe acts and omissions liable to result in injuries and occupational ill health, through a strategic approach to work site inspections, record keeping, management / supervisor and worker training, the forming of relevant policies, safe systems of work and risk assessments, the compilation of statistical data, and by introducing measures aimed at cementing the safety culture at all levels. This is a developing role with specific goals, designed to ensure that the candidate is given the appropriate amount and type of support and professional development needed to fulfil the requirements of the post.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Conducting on and off-premises inspections to ensure that company employees are working safely, within safe environments, and in accordance with relevant company policies.
  • Hold induction training sessions for new recruits, in collaboration with HR.
  • Holding emergency drills (fire / medical / chemical) within properties occupied by the organisation.
  • Conducting report writing and recommendations that may be necessary because of training, inspections, drills, audits etc.
  • Ensure that all accidents are documented, investigated and best practices are recommended, implemented, and maintained.
  • Populating and maintaining incident statistics.
  • Offer guidance regarding the acquisition of new job-related equipment concerning health and safety.
  • Maintenance of legislation library.
  • Provide support to the management team in ensuring a common approach and alignment of policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Assist in the completion of risk assessments for all work equipment and operations.
  • Liaise with the company training coordinator as well as necessary external health and safety consultants in the provision of training programs and health and safety services.
  • Formulate & distribute minutes for the H&S committee meetings whilst respecting deadlines.
  • Keep up to date with all aspects of relevant health, safety & welfare at work legislation and communicate relevant changes.
  • Provide regular reports.
  • Participate in meetings when required to report on relevant H&S matters.
  • Increase health and safety awareness at all levels within the organization and ensure employee engagement and positive behaviour towards the health, safety, and environment of the company.
  • Record all employees’ safety concerns.

Closing Date

Job Title

Health and Safety Officer

Job Type

Full Time

Experience Level

1 - 3 years




Security & Surveillance

Required Skills

Candidates must be ready available in Malta to start work immediately.

Experience and competence in the field

Meticulous in record keeping.

Excellent written and communication skills in English (preferably also Maltese)

Education + Experience

Candidates should be educated to at least Level 5 or Higher with their qualification being certified by MQRIC

Diploma from the University of Malta in Occupational Health and Safety (preferred)

About the Company

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