Before picking up that call, it’s essential to do your homework. Research the company inside and out, stalk its website, get to know its values, and steep yourself in its culture. But don’t stop there! Go the extra mile and gather some information about your potential interviewer as well. LinkedIn can be your undercover agent in this regard. Knowing a few key details about the company and the person you’re talking to will certainly give you an edge.





The elevator pitch – a powerful weapon in the hands of a job seeker. It’s like a superhero origin story, but less flashy and more to the point. Craft a concise yet impactful introduction that showcases your background, skills, and relevant experiences. But remember, no one-size-fits-all here! Tailor your elevator pitch to align with the specific needs of the employer. You want to make sure that it resonates with your potential employer like sweet music to their ears.





This is not the moment to be answering the call on a roller coaster or while you’re hang gliding. Find a quiet and distraction-free environment to take the call. When it’s time for the conversation, be all ears! Listen actively, and most importantly, show genuine interest in what the interviewer has to say. Take some notes to demonstrate your understanding and ask relevant questions to keep the conversation going. Show them that you’re present and invested – they’ll appreciate your attention.





Now is the perfect time to channel your inner bragging rights. Prepare specific examples of how you contributed in your past roles, whether it’s saving the company from imminent doom or creating a project that turned heads. Highlight your achievements, and remember, numbers speak louder than words. Use quantifiable metrics to emphasise your results, like “increased sales by 50%,” or “reduced expenses by €100,000.” These accomplishments will make you stand out from the crowd and prove that you walk the talk.





Picture this scenario: you’re talking to a potential employer, and they’re ready to offer you the job on the spot. But wait, there’s a catch! You have to prove that you’re genuinely excited about the opportunity. So, be enthusiastic! Exude excitement about the job, the company, and the potential collaboration. Explain why you’re interested in the position and how it aligns with your long-term goals. Show them that you’re not just another job seeker, but someone ready to jump in, give their all, and make a difference.





Hard skills are necessary, but soft skills are like the cherry on top of the job-seeking sundae. Emphasize your ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, and lead with finesse. Share examples of situations where your soft skills were critical to success. Describe how you’ve navigated tricky interoffice drama or resolved conflicts with the grace of a ballerina. The key here is to show the employer that you’re not just another robot who can code or crunch numbers but a versatile and valuable addition to their team.





Employers don’t want to hear that you’re only here for the money or a placeholder in your journey to fame and fortune. Take this opportunity to share your long-term career aspirations and how the current role fits into your grand plan. Mention any relevant professional development goals or express your desire for growth and continuous learning. By aligning your career goals with the company’s goals, culture, and opportunities for advancement, you’ll demonstrate that you’re in it for the long haul and not just passing through.





As the conversation winds down, it’s time to recap some key points. Summarise the discussion to show that you’ve been paying attention and take the opportunity to express your gratitude for the opportunity. A little appreciation can go a long way in forging a positive relationship at this early stage. And don’t forget to politely ask about the next steps in the hiring process. It shows that you’re eager to move forward while keeping those impeccable manners intact.





And there you have it, job seekers – the ultimate guide to making an unforgettable first impression during an initial call with a potential employer. Remember, it’s not about becoming a master of disguise or a silver-tongued wordsmith. It’s about being prepared, being attentive, and showing genuine enthusiasm for the opportunity at hand. Follow these tips, tailor them to your unique personality, and take that call with confidence. May you dazzle employers with your charms, stand out from the competition, and ultimately land the job of your dreams!