Using Talent Base will ensure that the time it takes to find your all important hire is shortened.


With a vast talent pool at our fingertips, a network with more professionals than you can ever desire and heavy ongoing investment into software, portals and advertisements that you can leverage it ensures that we save you TIME whilst finding you your PERFECT hire.




Similar to #1 by having Talent Base do your recruitment for you it ensures that the candidates you speak with / interview and ultimately go onto hire are the right people from the outset. Our Recruitment Specialists will ensure before any vacancy is set live that we know what you are looking for and perhaps more importantly what you are not looking for so that you dont spend hours looking through the wrong candidates!


We’re experts at screening and interviewing candidates for various roles so whether its entry level or C-level staff you are looking for let us take away the headache of screening after screening.




Our name says it all Talent Base, we hire for talent based roles and to ensure that you are sent the right talent we have to be knowledgeable on all sectors that the business hires for. We are up to date on all sectors with who’s hiring, firing, training processes and that all important knowledge to ensure that when a candidate is referred to you that you know everything there is to know about them so that your interview process needs only be about “company / position fit”. Whether its Accounting/Audit, Finance, Gaming, Legal to name but a few sectors we work in rest assured we got you covered.




So you’ve read points #1, #2 and #3 and thought “but we can do this ourselves”.

Technically, yes, but every advert, premium message on social media/job sites, unsuccessful/successful screening call, job advert draft, industry research all cost you time and money and do not guarantee you results.

Does this mean Talent Base guarantees results, NO, however, our fees are ONLY charged on on hired candidates and come with safeguards in place over the first 3 months to ensure that you hire, and as importantly, keep the right person onboard for the fee charged and our fees are some of the most competitive in the business.




Reach out to our Team today at info@talentbase.com.mt and our Recruitment Specialists will contact you at a convenient time to discuss your business requirements to assist you in securing great talent for your open vacancies.